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242 Master Programs in Transportation and Logistics Logistics 2024



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Master Programs in Transportation and Logistics Logistics

The field of logistics is thought to have had originated in the military forces of the Roman and Byzantine empires. Logistics nowadays requires good organizational skills, quick reasoning ability and excellent analyzing skills. The field of Logistics deals with management of goods and recourses, production, packaging, transportation, as well as security. If you are interested in a diverse and exiting career, you could consider taking a Masters Degree in Logistics.

There are many subfields to the study of Logistics, the main ones being military logistics, business logistics, warehouse management and emergency logistics. A degree in Logistics can complement degrees in other fields, such as supply chain management, inventory and marketing. Speaking more than one language could help you progress in the area of international logistics.

If you wish to perfect your organizing and communicating skills, why not consider a masters degree in Logistics. You can choose between universities around the world, presented below. Take a look at the provided information and find the program that is best for you!