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Master Programs in Performing Arts Theater studies Lights and Sound

Practical master’s degree programs provide students with the opportunity to achieve mastery over their professional skill sets. The courses of study provide a level of skill and knowledge in specific fields that often allows the student to move into a teaching or management position, building on prior experience and education.

What is a Master in Lights and Sound? It is an advanced degree in designing and running the lighting and sound equipment used in stage productions. That means both the practical controls used during the show and the design practices used to create original effects whenever new projects need them. Classes often span both theory and practice, and computer modeling is used in many modern programs.

Those who complete an advanced degree in this field may gain technical skills with lighting and sound equipment, as well as design skills that translate off stage and personal organization skills that are useful in a variety of life situations. Enriching these skills adds useful dimensions to one’s skill set beyond their application to a student’s specific career.

There’s no easy way to predict the cost on any master’s degree because tuition varies sharply from location to location, especially if two schools are in different countries. For these master’s programs, you should expect about a two- to three-year full-time commitment.

Graduates in lighting and design often find themselves in high demand for positions that require the regular operation of sound and light boards. This includes positions as lighting designers for theatrical companies and performance venues, but it also includes support roles in the day-to-day production as stage managers. Often, positions demand both. Lighting and design graduates are also sought after as interior designers because of their knowledge of object placement, light, and color.

Finding the right program is a matter of looking at all the available opportunities online and through university locations in a variety of countries. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.