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21 Master Programs in Online Degrees Theology Islamic Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Online Degrees Theology Islamic Studies

A master is a graduate degree that students pursue to increase their knowledge and skills in their area of study. Usually, a bachelor’s degree must be earned first. This degree can lead directly to a career or to further advanced studies.

What is a Master in Islamic Studies? In this program, students take an in-depth look at a range of topics relating to the Muslims and Islam in historical and contemporary perspectives. Each program will vary, but course topics may include Juristic texts in acts of worship; contemporary issues in political jurisprudence; principles and practice of economic and social justice; contemporary Islamic finance; Arabic text reading; and crime and philosophy of punishment in Islamic jurisprudence. Many programs will require a final thesis or research project.

Earning a master’s degree is beneficial, giving graduates a competitive edge when searching for a job. Studying Islam also gives students a greater understanding of the cultures, religious perspectives, and the people with whom they will be interacting and working with.

The financial requirements involved with earning this degree will vary from one place to another. Students who are interested in this path of study should contact the schools directly to find out what tuition and fees would be.

Individuals with a Master in Islamic Studies have a variety of careers that they can choose from. Some include direct involvement with the Islamic community while others have a behind-the-scenes environment. Job titles may include civil service fast streamer, politician’s assistant, government social research officer, public affairs consultant, social researcher, and public relations account executives. Other career opportunities in which your degree may be useful include human resources officer, diplomatic services operational officer, market researcher, and newspaper journalist.

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