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Master Programs in Economic Studies Investment

Investment is a broad term that may have different meanings as defined from two major perspectives: finance and economics. From a financial view, investment involves having money in an asset form with the view of getting some capital appreciation. On the other hand, investment in an economic view is related to deferred consumption and saving. Masters degree in Investment is thus based on three basic principles of relevant, academic and rigor knowledge with an international orientation.

Master in Investment is a course that prepares students through the traditional finance while developing their extended expertise in a number of areas. The specialization fields of the course include bond portfolio and equity management, alternative investments, asset/liability management, foreign exchange management, venture capital and risk management. The Masters degree in Investment provides the basis for students to achieve quality knowledge on all concerned theories that have underpinned effective investments and market risk management. The course has a reliable exposure to both theories and practical aspects of the field in real life situations.

Master in Investment shapes students to understand and device quality techniques in investment firms: both public and private. It is a course that requires attention and dedication. The many areas of specialization render students globally marketable with skills undoubted. Students are required to complete 8 core courses and 5 elective ones or an elective course with a research project in Business.