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30 Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication International Communication 2024



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Master Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication International Communication

Also called Global Communication or Transnational Communication, international communication is any communication activities or practices that are aimed at reaching beyond borders. It is a field of study that is in the wider communication studies. It is a branch that seeks to establish an understanding on all business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, and government-to-government communication at an international level. In typical cases, international communication includes the cultural, social, military, economic and the political concerns. Master of International Communication is a postgraduate degree that is known to enhance quality training and skills in major interactions regarding global communication. The course is offered in recognized universities worldwide today with the leared skills being applied worldwide. The course is a widely known program for managers and professionals in the line of communication and international public relations career lines.

Masters degree in International Communication is a modern business training program that has basic elements of management that are effectively blended with communication abilities meant for public relations and marketing establishment. One will never go short of skills once enrolled for the program. The skills acquired enables practitioners to effectively provide cross-border solutions to emerging issues in communication as far as business is concerned. There are several practical sessions throughout the coursework as well as research and knowledge expansion in the field. Students can now learn the relevant skills so as to deliver the best of their skills, techniques and knowledge to the industry through learning in the Master of International Communication.