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13 Master Programs in LLBs Business Law Studies Intellectual Property Law 2024



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Master Programs in LLBs Business Law Studies Intellectual Property Law

A Master of Law provides specialized education for those holding law degrees, whether professional or undergraduate, or those in related fields. Some companies and firms require this degree to be allowed into legal practice.

What is a Master in Intellectual Property Law? Legal and business studies blend to give students a well-rounded understanding of both domestic and international property law as well as today’s markets. Learn the details of trade secrets, copyright, patents and trademarks with this highly-specialized degree. The ever-expanding technological world requires the law to constantly adapt to the changing landscape. Learning about intellectual property law in cyberspace can only help the prospective student’s law career.

Intellectual property law students can sharpen their analytical and research skills, independent critical thinking and communication skills. Not only can these help scholars in their law practices, but in their abilities to discern information related to both legal and business matters domestically or internationally.

Most programs require two years for completion, though their cost varies depending on the university. A quick search should provide the necessary information to make an informed financial and academic decision on the best program for each student.

A Master in Intellectual Property Law can raise your resume in a competitive hiring pool, and many hiring managers are seeking specialists in specific types of law. Even those only providing general counsel can benefit from the knowledge gained because most lawyers are bound to encounter some aspect of intellectual property law in their career. Even the most general attorney is often expected to know various aspects of international property law in dealing with business matters. Specific job titles include intellectual property lawyer and patent attorney.

Several universities from around the world offer online and in-person programs focusing on intellectual property law. For next steps, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.