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Master Programs in Executive courses Horticulture

Many bachelor’s degree programs lead naturally to graduate-level education. One option at this level is a master’s degree. Master's programs generally provide professional training towards a particular career.

Those students with an undergraduate background in earth sciences or related fields may be interested to know what is a Master in Horticulture. The field of horticulture seeks human engagement with the environment to provide creative solutions to solve problems relating to agriculture, landscape design, and the ways in which people utilize the land. Subfields and areas of specialization may include floriculture, greenhouse technology, viticulture, water conservation, plant breeding, dietary intervention, and agricultural ecosystems.

Completing a master’s degree in horticulture can provide students with improved skills in communication, particularly as it relates to sharing and presenting knowledge about horticulture research, strategy, and design. Furthermore, graduates should be able to identify and assess various problems and solutions relating to landscapes and agriculture.

With full-time study programs, a Master in Horticulture can be completed in approximately two years. Part-time programs may take up to three to five years. Financial costs vary depending on the location of instruction.

Depending on the student’s specialization, a master’s degree in horticulture can lead to a wide variety of careers. These may be based in research, landscape design, conservation, cultivation, biogenetics, or marketing. Examples of specific careers include landscape architect, biogeneticist, molecular scientist, or professor or lecturer. Other options include working as a manager for a nursery, conservatory, or public garden; starting a business as fruit or vegetable producer; or inspecting the quality of agricultural production run by private or public corporations.

Horticulture graduate courses are offered in many countries around the globe. There are also options to take part or all of the program online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.