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85 Master Programs in Food and Beverage Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Food and Beverage Studies

Once you complete your bachelor’s degree, you can either begin your career or choose to continue your studies by earning a master’s degree. The latter option allows you to prepare for a more advanced career and jump further ahead than if you began working immediately.

What is a Master in Food and Beverage Studies? This field focuses on the preparation and servicing of food. Students take courses that prepare them to understand the operations in a restaurant or catering business and enter a position of leadership in such an establishment. Courses may also focus on the policy side of food and beverage studies if the student is more interested in becoming a food and safety worker or inspector. The food and beverage studies program typically does not include culinary arts.

Earning a Master in Food and Beverage Studies benefits students by helping them develop the managerial and communication skills necessary for them to thrive. Holding an advanced degree may also allow graduates to earn a higher salary once they enter their careers.

There are many variables that affect the cost of earning a Master in Food and Beverage Studies. You must research the specific program and school before enrolling to understand what the tuition will be and what other fees you will be responsible for.

Careers available to food and beverage studies graduates are numerous. Essentially, they are able to enter any administrative position in the food service or food hospitality fields. These include operators, restaurant or catering managers, inventory specialists, and assistant managers. It is also possible to work in sanitation and safety by becoming a sanitation specialist or health inspector.

Take the next step toward your career by enrolling in a food and beverage studies program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.