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24 Master Programs in Economic Studies MScs Financial Planning 2024



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Master Programs in Economic Studies MScs Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of formulating how a business entity will afford to attain its strategic goals and objectives. It
formulates a plan describing resources, activities, materials, and equipment that are necessary for achieving these objectives, and the time frames involved. Master in Financial Planning is designed to provide students with an excellent understanding of the financial planning process, together with the fundamental knowledge and skills required in professional practice. This program provides a
great foundation to those looking forward to being employed in the finance sector, and also enables professionals presently employed in the finance industry to develop their skills further.

Graduates in Masters Degree in Financial Planning are ready
to sit for the financial examinations that gives them competitive edge in the job market. Graduates also gain technical, quantitative,
and analytical skills needed to tackle complex financial situations. They also gain knowledge of legal and regulatory setting in which financial planning takes place and familiarity with pertinent licensing, compliance, and reporting requirements. The program also helps students develop interpersonal skills that are necessary to maintain good client relationships and work successfully with

Master in Financial Planning usually takes between one and
two years, depending on if one is taking it part-time or full-time. To study the program, one needs an undergraduate degree (not necessarily in finance), but there may be some prerequisites for those without a business background.