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171 Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies

The art of storytelling has existed from the dawn of humankind. Storytelling has many disguises, such as literature, songs and more specifically – ballads, theatre, comedy and motion pictures. Today theatre and film walk hand in hand, sometimes sharing common audiences and serving similar purposes that makes these forms of art very powerful mediums through which people can communicate ideas, cultural codes, emotions, and information of all kinds. A Master in Film is an excellent step towards a career in this industry.

The film industry can take many forms; speech, dance, writing, music, and visual arts help to turn the performance into a single artistic form, and a Master in Film can explore all of these. Specific cultures get involved into creation of theatre or film artifacts that bear resemblance to these cultures, but in turn film and drama affect them. A Master in Film can train directors, playwrights and actors, as well as set, costume and sound designers, stage managers and many others. With a Master in Film, one can also become a theatre or film critic or study the history of the subject. It is obvious that the opportunities that this field offers are numerous.

So why not pursue your interests with one of these possible career choices by reading more about the special Master in Film programs offered by universities from all over the world!