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Master Programs in Performing Arts Music Ethnomusicology

A master’s degree is an advanced degree that students can pursue after successfully completing the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Completing a graduate degree is an impressive goal that enables individuals to obtain specialized knowledge and higher job positions in their chosen field.

What is a Master in Ethnomusicology? This degree allows candidates to extensively explore music in a cultural context and fully understand music’s role in society. Many schools incorporate theoretical, practical and cultural components into their programs. Scholars may, for example, complete courses on dance, theater, history, linguistics, psychology, anthropology and cultural studies. Degree candidates may also be able to specialize in the music and culture of a specific geographical area.

A Master in Ethnomusicology can help students gain strong competence in a variety of skill areas, such as organization and time management. In addition to an in-depth comprehension of music, individuals may also become adept at engaging audiences through creative expression.

A variety of factors determine the cost of pursuing a Master in Ethnomusicology. Two of the biggest are the length of the chosen program and its location. It’s best to reach out to schools for the latest info regarding program costs.

Music is a constant yet diverse component of society that people interact with and engage in through a variety of means. As a result of this broad, ever-changing dynamic, those completing a master’s degree in this field can pursue several career paths. A successful candidate could, for example, become a teacher, work in a museum or assist with the production of theatrical performances. Museum curator, music educator, choir director and cultural analyst are all examples of potential job titles.

Those interested in completing a Master in Ethnomusicology can find programs throughout the world, both on-campus and online. To begin your master’s degree journey, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.