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Master Programs in Engineering Studies Engineering Engineering Management

Engineering management is a specialization that deals with the application of engineering principles to a business setting. Instances where engineering managers may be needed include firms working in construction, manufacturing, information technology, automotive, food, transportation and other technically intensive areas. Engineering managers offer a balanced understanding of best business practices and engineering sciences - services that may not be sufficiently addressed by separately hiring an engineer and a business manager instead.

Graduates of the Master in Engineering Management offer the best of both worlds. They primarily focus on product development, technology production, design engineering, manufacturing construction and industrial engineering. Prospective Master in Engineering Management must possess a sound background in both engineering and business. After earning the degree, they must be able to manage technical teams who are motivated by non-entrepreneurial thinking, and still be able to communicate to them profit-oriented company goals.

With a Master in Engineering Management degree, graduates can have career opportunities in private companies and government organizations in a variety of industries. If you would like to learn more about a Master in Engineering Management, then take a look through the programs below and you may find the right one for you!