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Master Programs in Energy Studies Energy Engineering

A diverse field of engineering, which deals with energy efficiency and services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy, Energy Engineering is quickly growing as the global demand for energy increases exponentially each year. Master in Energy Engineering students learn about the macro-implications of their work, weighing the environmental benefits and drawbacks to certain energy sources, while becoming experts in the practical aspects of harnessing, using and distributing energy from a range of sources.

Master in Energy Engineering students can choose to specialize in a number of specific areas, such as Nuclear Energy, Energy Optimization for Buildings, Turfgrass Management, Environmental Management, Oil and Gas Engineering and Sustainable Energy. Building on knowledge and skills established in a bachelors degree in an engineering field, a Master in Energy Engineering continues foundational courses in advanced mathematics and physics, combined with focused coursework in the target area of concentration. Available at universities and institutions in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania, there are dozens of accredited Master in Energy Engineering programs to choose from, all featuring highly trained and experienced staff.

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