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10 Master Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Drawing 2024



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Master Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Drawing

A masters degree in illustration is a post graduate program that seeks to enhance illustration skills for students who enroll in the university program. The masters program helps the students to gain knowledge in both the artistic field and other fields of study. It is a comprehensive program that inculcates perfection in the students while polishing their artistic talents. The masters program also lets the students take courses to refresh themselves on the basics of illustration before taking up tougher exercises to hone their skills.

A masters program in illustration combines both the traditional techniques and the digital applications as part of the coursework. The major topics covered in this program include: textual layout, digital illustration, drawing for illustration, book illustration, illustration markets, cartooning, and fashion illustration. The masters program is taught at most universities in the world. For most of the programs, the students are required to complete a thesis or a capstone project and build on their portfolio work before they can graduate.

Illustrators are required to have business and communication skills which come in handy when they are dealing with their clients. A masters program in Illustration teaches these two aspects to the students and is therefore ideal in preparing one for the professional market. Illustrators that are able to demonstrate strong skills with the help of computer programs in the creation of illustrations are on high demand and therefore, the masters program creates avenues for graduates to get employed. Other career paths that are available for the students with a masters degree in illustration include: Movie animation, children books’ illustration, character designing, art directing, and freelance illustration.