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9 Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Documentary Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Documentary Studies

Pursuing a master’s degree after receiving an undergraduate degree can enhance both students’ professional knowledge base as well as their marketability. Master’s degree programs delve deeper into a chosen discipline, providing both greater insight and deeper understanding of a subject.

What is a Master in Documentary Studies? Aspiring filmmakers who want to tell true-to-life stories cinematically often pursue a higher degree in documentary studies. Students learn both technical filmmaking skills and how to tell stories in an engaging and emotional way. A lot has changed in documentary filmmaking over the years, and digital and streaming services are giving new voice to the documentary. Filmmakers can study these channels and learn how to use new technologies to tell their stories.

A degree in documentary studies provides prospective filmmakers with a better sense of how to tell a culturally appropriate story. It can arm students with technical tips and tricks in using camera and lighting techniques to enhance the story. Graduates also learn how to better interview to get the most out of subjects.

Completing a master’s degree often takes one to two years, but it also largely depends on whether the student is going full-time or part-time to school. Tuition depends on where the school is located, whether it is private or public and other factors. Students should compare schools to find the most appropriate.

Many employment opportunities are available to students after graduation. They can pursue an independent career as a screenwriter or director, telling the stories they want, or they can secure a position with a company that wants to tell its own stories. Broadcast and streaming networks also search for documentary filmmakers to help share stories with their viewers, working as directors, writers, cinematographers or any number of crew positions.

Students interested in a Master in Documentary Studies may discover good programs at schools around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.