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28 Master Programs in Performing Arts Dance 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Dance

One celebrated scholar Sir Ken Robinson said that in the modern world we might come across people who find it hard to express themselves in words and who need to move in order to think. These people are not sick or disabled, they are dancers. They worship the Dance, a form of art that is described as an art of movement to rhythm or music, an art to convey emotions, social interactions or aesthetic message of spiritual nature. Sometimes dance is understood as a form of nonverbal communication between people. One can think of thousands of definitions to describe this beautiful form of art that would depend on different social, cultural or artistic concepts. These concepts and more are explored in a Master in Dance program.

Today, humankind has many styles of dancing, from the most ancient and traditional, to modern and brand-new inventions, many of which can be examined with a Master in Dance. In a Master in Dance program, students will also learn the techniques and methodologies for choreography, musicology, dance instruction, and dance therapy, as well as delving deep into history, cultural influences, and interpretation.

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