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48 Master Programs in Economic Studies MScs Corporate Finance 2024



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Master Programs in Economic Studies MScs Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is the field of finance dealing with a corporation's capital structure and sources of funding, and the courses of actions taken by managers to increase a firm's value to shareholders, as well as methods and analysis tools employed to allocate financial resources. Master in Corporate Finance is a stimulating program designed to empower students with
the skills and knowledge necessary to compel innovation and master diverse international management tools and techniques, whether one works for an institution or a corporation.

A Masters Degree in Corporate Finance usually takes one year
of intensive study, but those studying part-time may take longer. It helps graduates acquire the necessary knowledge for decision-making in corporate finance, as well as understand the mechanics of the ever-changing financial sector. Upon completion of this program, graduates are able to formulate financial policies and strategies, and solve asset management problems as they
appear in real-life situations. Graduates also get to understand the theoretical frameworks drawn from economics, risk management, accounting, law, quantitative method, and corporate finance issues.

Master in Corporate Finance is aimed at those who have a bachelor's degree in business or economics, and want to further improve their financial skills and knowledge. However, it is not limited to this group as even people who have studied mathematics, engineering, or physics and wish to gain deeper
knowledge in corporate finance can study this degree.