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10 Master Programs in Art Studies Animation Computer Animation 2024



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Master Programs in Art Studies Animation Computer Animation

Everyone plays games and makes up stories as a child, but some people just don't lose this ability over the years and can't forget the childlike wonder of exploring imaginative worlds, creating characters and inventing fascinating adventures for their imaginative heroes. A Masters in Animation is a perfect program for such a dreamer, because it provides you with an opportunity to make people happy with your own dreams coming true and trains you to be a first-class professional.

If you realize that a Masters in Animation is your call, you can choose from among a long list of interesting specializations: screenwriting, painting and designing, sculpture, color and studio photography, computer graphics, costume design and many more. Cartoon production, film-making, special effects designing, working in advertising are just a few possible career choices that come out of a Masters in Animation degree program.

Follow the links below to put your curiosity at rest and to find some Masters in Animation programs that look interesting to you. Don't hesitate to send the school a "request free information" form: the school will contact you personally and you will learn even more about the program. Take the next key step towards your future Masters in Animation degree now!