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34 Master Programs in Performing Arts Music Composition 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Music Composition

A masters degree in composition is a post graduate degree program that is designed to help the music practitioners and graduates in the program to build a strong and confident practice through the creation of awareness and the interaction between them and the current contexts, both in professional practice and in practical research. The masters program provides the students with an opportunity to investigate the existing relationships between their own field of practice and the questions that arise out of their studies that involve art and composition.

The masters program takes two years if on full=time basis. Alternatively, the program takes longer when one enrolls on a part time basis. This kind of study system ensures that the students have the ample time they require to develop the advanced skills in composition which is not possible when taking a bachelors program. Compositions undertaken in the masters program are lengthy and quite complex. Therefore, the duration of the program is ideal in tackling the complex assignments.

The candidates in the program can specialize in a specific field within the program. Specializations available include: music technology, jazz, electro-acoustic, orchestral, ensemble, and music theater compositions. However, the students are encouraged to develop skills in all these areas in order to increase their marketability in the job market. The different aspects in the different genres may also be used in combination for a successful composition project.