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13 Master Programs in Online Degrees Language Studies Chinese Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Online Degrees Language Studies Chinese Studies

A master’s degree comes with many benefits, one of the greatest of which is an advanced knowledge in one’s chosen area of study. A post-graduate degree has the potential to expand one’s career opportunities and accelerate development.

What is a Master in Chinese Studies? This program focuses on educating individuals about the Chinese culture of the past and present. Thanks to a vast array of languages, dialects, history and politics, the Chinese culture is a rich and varied one. For this reason, courses may focus on a range of disciplinary perspectives that aim to develop disciples’ knowledge and understanding of China as it once was and the country as it is today. Additionally, instructors may aim to put Chinese philosophies and beliefs into global context for a more thorough and relevant understanding.

Individuals who complete a degree in this field tend to walk away with many positive traits, such as a deeper understanding of cultures and people that are not their own. They may also demonstrate multilingual capabilities as well as strong reasoning and analysis. Each of these traits may prove to be beneficial in a variety of fields and in one’s personal life.

The cost of a degree in Chinese studies varies from school to school and is dependent on many factors. Where a school is located, whether courses are online or in the classroom and the duration of a program may all affect the total cost.

Individuals who obtain a degree in the study of Chinese culture may have a surprising number of career options. Many positions require the skillset that students of the field tend to possess, and a graduate may find lucrative opportunities in government agencies, academic institutions and businesses across the globe. Some job titles graduates of the program may possess include translator, foreign diplomat, interpreter, foreign correspondent, international marketing specialist, financial advisor or foreign consultant/analyst.

Many different universities offer a degree in Chinese studies, but where students choose to go depends on their location and schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.