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36 Master Programs in Technology Studies Automation Automation / Autonomous Systems 2024



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Master Programs in Technology Studies Automation Automation / Autonomous Systems

Students interested in engineering and automation of systems through programming often choose to pursue a master’s degree in automation/autonomous systems. This graduate program prepares engineers to apply their skills to automated system design and management.

What is a Master in Automation/Autonomous Systems?  A master’s degree in automation and autonomous systems is awarded for completion of a graduate studies program in a field that focuses on automated system design and implementation. The coursework concentrates on creation of intelligent systems through robotics and computer programming. Students in the program learn to apply their engineering and computer programming skills to computer-aided design and development of mechanized processes. Course participants can expect extensive training on research, planning and implementing autonomous systems that utilize robotics or computer-integrated manufacturing.

There are many benefits to earning this graduate degree for students from many academic or professional backgrounds. The degree expands undergraduate or professional engineering or information systems knowledge about robotics and computerized systems and prepares participants for careers in automated systems design and management. Students can use the program to sharpen their skills in a specific area of automation that holds their interest or benefits their career goals.

The program cost varies by university. Each institution will have its own program requirements for cost and duration, but most programs take approximately two years to complete. Prospective students should research each institution’s guidelines and requirements.

Graduates in the automated systems engineering field are in high demand by many kinds of organizations. Students who complete the program are equipped to begin careers in manufacturing automation and quality control, biotechnology, architecture, industrial design, medicine, telecommunications, transportation systems, aeronautics and aerospace technologies, and many other challenging environments.  Careers in these areas allow students to design and control systems with the best methods to achieve efficient production, communications, movement and other paths to efficiency through automation.

There are many international options for students interested in this master’s degree program. Our extensive database can direct students to institutions that offer the program along with further information about requirements and duration. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.