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51 Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Asian Studies 2024



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Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Asian Studies

Asian studies is used to refer to university degrees that equip the learner with knowledge on various aspects of Asian interest; ranging from the Asian people’ history, their culture, religions, languages and social-economic structures specific to the various Asian countries. The Asian studies masters degree is a multidisciplinary program that imparts knowledge to students, giving them the skills that should enable them to understand the various concepts of the Asian culture, social and economic structures unique to the Asian continent.

The benefits of enrolling for a masters program in Asian studies are numerous. Presently, the timing of the program can never be more perfect. The world economic balance is changing towards the Asian region. The Western super powers are looking towards Asia for investment opportunities as well as a market for their products. Getting a masters degree in Asian studies will undoubtedly give one an upper hand in weaving their way through the Asian economic world.

Asian studies are broadly categorized into three; Middle East studies, east and south Asia studies. Depending on which country or region one wants to target, the studies vary and therefore, one needs to make an informed choice before enrolling. The career goals and the intellectual interests of the student should be the guiding factor while making the choice. The masters degree in Asian studies in an important program for students who want to understand and evaluate the history of the continent, the present economic boom in the region and its role in defining the world’s economic future.