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Master Programs in Social Sciences Area studies

A masters degree in area studies is a post graduate program that is focused on imparting knowledge to individuals interested in and fascinated by foreign cultures. It is an interdisciplinary program that is designed to help build the student’s expertise in a specific region of the world and understand the various diverse international issues that are at play in the different world regions. Some of the core issues that are studied in the program include: health, migration, international conflicts, governance, law, development, decolonization, global population, globalization and the role of gender, classes and races in relation to how they shape the international contexts.

A student taking a master in area studies is expected to have a thorough understanding of all the aspects mentioned and an in depth understanding of the various aspects of life in the different world regions; this includes aspects such as economics, politics and social concepts. The fact that the program offers the students an interdisciplinary approach to the various studies undertaken gives the graduates a rich understanding of the various issues affecting the society; ranging from politics, history, the economy, and culture.

Students with an intellectual curiosity about other nations other than their own are attracted to the masters degree in area studies because it offers them an opportunity to pursue further studies in a subject that is of interest to them. There are career opportunities for the graduates in Foreign Service, international organizations, governmental agencies, and overseas businesses dealing with health, ecology, population and foreign trade issues.