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74 Master Programs in Technology Studies BAs Applied Computer Science 2024



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Master Programs in Technology Studies BAs Applied Computer Science

A master's degree can take anywhere from one to two years, depending on how much time you put in each semester. This degree represents intense study focused within a field, usually related the subject in which you received your bachelor's.

What is a Master in Applied Computer Science? Applied computer science tends to take the form of data management, information systems or accounting, but there are also areas of software engineering for non-computing uses, such as helicopter simulators. Knowledge of basic programming is a must for this field, along with an understanding of basic logic and analytics. Some programs require a dissertation focusing on advancing current computer applications or finding new applications for existing protocols.

While earning this degree, a student acquires many skills. Advanced troubleshooting is useful in any job that uses computers and analytic skills help with solving problems and making projections. One more skill gained in this field is an understanding of where computing is and where it is going, which is helpful in advising a company's tech choices.

The cost of a master's degree depends on the school you choose, how long you take to complete the degree and whether you need to relocate to attend. Take these factors into account when budgeting for your degree.

With an advanced degree in applied computer science, there are a variety of jobs you can take. Depending on your focus, you may find employment in a bank, insurance company or public service organization. Telecommunications companies also hire employees with this degree, usually to help manage the large amount of data that flows through their networks. If you currently work in computing, an advanced degree can make you look more attractive for a pay raise or advancement.

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