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    Master Programs in Professional Studies Administration, Business, and Economics

    A Master of Professional Studies (MPS) is a graduate degree program that seeks to prepare students for real-world application in their fields of study. While other post-baccalaureate degrees may focus more broadly on theory and research, a Master of Professional Studies may concentrate more specifically on the practical study of an area within an interdisciplinary field.

    What are Professional Studies in Administration, Business, and Economics? An MPS in this field may be pursued by people looking to shift the professional focus of their careers, by working professionals seeking to tailor their skills to industry needs, or by students looking to gain entry into a profession. Many programs require in the range of 30 credit hours which are divided between classroom lectures and projects. Many programs incorporate placements and internships. One of the values of an MPS is the opportunity for contact with industry leaders, either through the classroom or as part of a capstone project.

    The benefits of a master’s program such as this are many. Programs across the globe offer courses designed to intensify professional knowledge in marketing, finance, and international business. Students solve real workplace problems as part of the curriculum. Graduates emerge from the program adept at planning, analysis, and with effective interpersonal skills.

    Tuition and registration fees vary from program to program. The best option is to contact directly the school of your choice for specifics regarding their tuition schedule.

    A Master of Professional Studies in Business or a related field can prepare a graduate for many job opportunities. Solid practical skills are sought after in research and development managers, development analysts, project managers, county and other government administrators, non-profit professionals, and planning commissioners. There are opportunities in adult education and community service organizations, as well as in private industry. Sustainability development is a priority of many MPS programs, as it is an ongoing practical concern for any organization, private or public.

    Our database offers an extensive list of rigorous Master of Professional Studies programs from around the world. Many programs are offered online, providing flexibility for busy schedules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.