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95 Master Programs in Administration Studies Administration 2024



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Master Programs in Administration Studies Administration

Administration can be defined as the process of organizing people and resources efficiently with the aim of achieving common objectives and goals. The main administrative functions are planning, organizing, staffing, directing and budgeting.

If you wish to pursue a business career, then a Master in Administration can be the perfect way to take your education in business one step further. A Master in Administration will enable you to handle jobs that involve consulting with the private sector, research institutes, and even the government on the matters of administration and business conduct. With such a degree you will be capable of analyzing and researching such fields as Finance, Management and Marketing. A key word for a Master in Administration program is versatility – with this degree you will acquire the necessary tools for objective and creative thinking.

On this page you can find a list of Master in Administration programs offered by universities worldwide. Your future Master in Administration degree might be among them!