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      MA Programs in Technology Management

      Many post-baccalaureate students choose to pursue Master of Arts (MA) degrees in order to further their careers or prepare for more advanced academic work in doctoral programs. The MA degree reflects the graduate’s specialized knowledge in an academic field or area of professional practice.

      With the rapid evolution and expansion of technologies and their applications, demand is increasing for professionals who have both business management and technology expertise. What is an MA in Technology Management? This advanced degree develops students’ critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills within the context of information technology (IT). Students develop specialized knowledge of the practical business applications of technology skills and concepts.

      Graduates with a master's degree in technology management may be able to position themselves for significantly higher salaries as they develop expertise in this cutting-edge field. They will likely expand their career options, since there are many possibilities for the application of the skills and concepts learned in this course of study.

      It is difficult to project the cost of acquiring an MA in Technology Management; costs vary widely from one program to another. This degree may take one to two years, and students should compare programs in order to determine approximately what their final costs.

      After obtaining a technology management master's, graduates can expect to be able to secure management positions in specialized areas within the IT field. For example, graduates may work in the management of corporate databases, ensuring data security, designing and managing big data mining programs, or minimizing the risk of adverse events. They will know how to operate and manage complex systems, capitalize on revenue development opportunities, and devise creative solutions to a variety of business problems.

      If your interest in business management and IT has led you to explore the possibility of a master's degree in technology management, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.