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9 MA Programs in Industrial Design 2024



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      MA Programs in Industrial Design

      A master’s degree is awarded to students after they finish a postgraduate program, which may take one to three years. To earn a Master of Arts (MA), students often must complete intensive research and hands-on projects. Many students pursue this degree to demonstrate their knowledge of a chosen discipline and broaden their career opportunities.

      What is an MA in Industrial Design? This program teaches students to design manufactured objects while balancing appearance, functionality and other considerations. Students review principles of aesthetics and ergonomics, and they also learn strategies for creating products that are economical, sustainable and ethically produced. This program also generally gives degree candidates the opportunity to conceive, develop and refine their own designs and ultimately build portfolios of their work.

      Graduates who have earned an MA in Industrial Design may enjoy an edge in the job market over candidates who lack postgraduate educations. Additionally, students who effectively apply the principles they learn during this program may enjoy greater earnings and opportunities for advancement.

      The cost of completing any master’s degree varies between regions and institutions. To get the most accurate idea of cost, students should contact the institutions they are interested in to inquire about the program length, tuition and additional fees.

      People who have studied industrial design at the postgraduate level may collaboratively create a variety of manufactured items. These include apparel, electronics, textiles, vehicles and medical technology. Graduates may also independently produce, refine and pitch new products to investors or existing companies. Individuals who have strong backgrounds in business can also leverage their expertise to pursue upper-level positions in marketing, advertising, purchasing or sales.

      Today, many master’s degrees, including an MA in Industrial Design, can be earned online. This gives students a greater range of programs to choose from, and it can also help students save time and money. Exploring the available options takes just a few minutes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.