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41 MA Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology 2024



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MA Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology

Students who are interested in earning a higher education after receiving their undergraduate degree may benefit from enrolling in a master's program. A master's degree is typically earned within one to two years.

What is an MA in Anthropology? Loosely defined, anthropology is the study of human behavior and the exploration of cultural and social themes within a society. This master's program will dive into studies of culture relations to human evolution and biology, languages, architecture, art, music and human habitation. Courses will cover how people migrate about the world, the different parts of the world and its dissimilar cultures, and the evolution of the human species.

Students who choose to get their master's in this field will gain knowledge that can benefit them outside of the college setting. This includes skills in analytical reading, attention to detail, careful record keeping and critical thinking. Most courses will cover the historical contingencies and biological principles that govern the present state of humanity as well as its rich history. Students will also learn the fundamental laws of heredity and its implications on populations and society.

Registration costs and course fees will depend on the school and where the facility is located. Interested students should contact the institution directly to find out if the program is right for their career goal needs.

While many graduates of the program traditionally go on to work in institutions of higher education as a researcher or teacher, there are many other career options available for trained anthropologists. Upon completion of their master's, graduates can go on to work in physical anthropology laboratories, at archaeological sites, in museums or in areas of social science research. The market for cultural anthropologists is also expanding as the demand for human and behavioral research increases.

Many institutions offer online classes with distance learning modules to support students with limited access to the facility. There are also part time and full time programs to choose from which offer more flexibility. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.