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22 MA Programs in American Studies 2024



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    MA Programs in American Studies

    Many students who want to continue their academic studies beyond a bachelor’s degree choose to pursue a master’s degree. This advanced-level degree offers specialized study in a given field of interest and is a requirement for further types of focused study such as doctoral programs.

    What is an MA in American Studies? Simply put, the program provides students specialized study of the culture and heritage of America. To this end, students tend to study American society through a variety of different disciplines including sociological, socio-economic, political and literary, to name a few. Additionally, many courses of study offer their own unique focus or approach to American studies, such as providing training in implementing public humanities and educational programs or the dynamics of cultural change. Some programs have students choose a research topic of interest their final year, such as African American studies or Native American influences.

    There are numerous benefits of earning an MA in American Studies. Most students point to the well-rounded, intellectual education that the degree provides. Many programs offer students internship opportunities their final semester of study, which provides both practical experience and invaluable contacts.

    The costs of earning an MA in American Studies vary by school and by the location of the school. For a more exact accounting of course and registration fees, contact the admission office of the school directly.

    Graduates with an MA in American Studies find jobs in a variety of sectors including the media, advertising, marketing and political administrations. Popular career choices among graduates include journalism, publishing, broadcasting, teaching and librarianship. Some graduates use the degree as a springboard to a doctoral program in American studies or other disciplines.

    There are many opportunities to earn an MA in American Studies in the United States and around the world. Programs at foreign institutions tend to offer a unique perspective on the field. Many schools also offer online programs for the degree. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.