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The University of Trento was founded in 1962 and has always aimed at building alliances and reciprocal efficiency with Italian and foreign institutions and organizations. In 1982, the University (until then private) became public, with a statute that guaranteed self-government.

The Milan Agreement, signed in 2009 between the Government and the Autonomous Province of Trento (together with that of Bolzano and the Regional Authority), regarding the change to the special Statute of Autonomy on financial regulations, gave the Province new authority over the University. This is a further step forward in the development of the University and guarantees that the financial resources will be allocated and sufficient.

There are more than 16,000 students, about 600 professors and researchers and the same number of technical and administrative staff: these numbers indicate that the University can provide an ideal environment for study and research.

The Great Reasons to Choose UniTrento

International study programmes

The University offers doctoral programmes, Master’s degrees and degree courses in English. Many courses are organized in collaboration with other universities in Italy or abroad, and with professional associations.

The quality of teaching

National and international classifications rank the University of Trento as one of the top Italian universities. Besides the traditional lectures, there is much laboratory work and many small seminar groups. Trento is a medium-sized university, where it is easy for students and teachers to meet one another and there is a continuous exchange of ideas among students from different disciplines: in short, the (virtuous) dynamism of a small university.

Opportunities to study abroad

From the second year of their studies, students can choose to spend a period abroad, with the possibility of receiving grants for international mobility and obtaining credits for examinations taken abroad or for their research work.

The University of Trento also offers several international mobility programmes:

  • double-degrees
  • bilateral agreements in place with non-European universities
  • Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility agreements
  • Erasmus+ programme

The students of the University of Trento participating in a study, research or internship programme abroad receive financial support to cover mobility costs.

Being international also means being able to offer a multicultural environment. Trento does this very well because it attracts researchers and talented young people from abroad. There are over 800 students of 60 different nationalities living in the halls of residence “San Bartolomeo”, situated just a few hundred metres from the town centre, and “Sanbapolis”.

Financial benefits and merit awards

At the University of Trento, commitment to study pays off.

To reward the most deserving students, the Collegio Bernardo Clesio was established in 2005. The Collegio, located in a historical building in the centre of Trento, accommodates about a hundred students free of charge and organises study meetings with professors, researchers and leading members of the society.

Each year about 30 places are advertised, which are assigned after a selection procedure based on each applicant’s curriculum and examinations. Future students who wish to enrol in one of the degree courses, the second-cycle degree courses, or the single-cycle degree courses can apply.

The quality of life in Trento

Trento is in the top position for the fourth consecutive year, according to the last edition of the survey regarding the "Quality of Life 2014" carried out by the University of Rome La Sapienza for Italia Oggi.

According to Il Sole 24 ore (the Italian national daily business paper), Trento is the town with the highest quality of life in Italy. With its 100,000 inhabitants, it is a people-and student-oriented town, set in an extraordinary natural and cultural environment:

According to the IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Trento is a smart city. Trento was selected together with other 9 cities of the world to participate in the “IEEE Smart Cities Initiative”: a project aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and promoting local sustainable development. To be selected as a smart city, candidate cities need to have already started a social, cultural and technological innovation development, where information and knowledge are produced, shared and used to improve collective wellness and the quality of life.

The University services at your fingertips

The University of Trento offers a lot: libraries, study areas (open until midnight), laboratories, computer classrooms, a language centre and three sports centres.

Studying in Trento does not just mean studying. Thanks to “Opera Universitaria” and to UNITrento Sport, Trento offers much more: scholarships, tax waivers, subsidized accommodation in the halls of residence and in apartments, bicycle loans, concerts, cinemas, themed events, fitness courses, sports centres, and the “facoltiadi” (a sports event that takes place every year in which everyone in the University takes part, including students, teachers and technical-administrative staff).

UniTrentoApp (in Italian) allows students to access all University online services: they will be able to consult their student record, see faculty contact information, view class timetables, read University news, check their lunch card balance and search for free study rooms.

Opportunities for practising Sport

In Trento, sport is not just a holiday from studies and work. The University has concentrated on sports activities to help students and researchers balance study and sport and it has set up a sports network: UNITrento Sport. Within UniTrento Sport, different programmes have been developed to meet the various needs of students practising sports:

TOPsport, a one-of-a-kind programme in Italy, is dedicated to high-level athletes, and aims at combining competitiveness and training, thanks to the support of teaching tutors, the opportunity to agree on examinations dates and to make up the lessons missed and other benefits.

UNI. The team is a programme that gives support to students/athletes who compete as members of CUS-Trento – the University Sports Centre. Among the benefits given, are subsidised accommodation, special concessions for training practice, the support of a sports tutor, and sports equipment.



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