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Universitatea "Nicolae Titulescu" din Bucuresti

Universitatea "Nicolae Titulescu" din Bucuresti

Universitatea "Nicolae Titulescu" din Bucuresti


″ Nicolae Titulescu ″ University of Bucharest has established itself as an authentic, serious educational institution, as a distinct and widely appreciated presence in the higher education landscape in our country. Benefiting, since its establishment, from an elite faculty, the activity of our university has been carried out under the sign of quality and exigency. The eloquent proof, in this sense, are our graduates, many of them already being affirmed in the professions they have embraced.

The concern for performance, in line with the demands of contemporary society, is doubled by the efforts we make to provide students and their teachers with the best conditions. The university has a new, modern headquarters, with spacious amphitheaters and seminar rooms, well-equipped laboratories, a library equipped with the latest publishing publications, Internet access, its own home, sports base, etc. All these ensure the favorable environmental environment for carrying out a quality didactic and scientific activity. We intend to act in such a way that the University ″ Nicolae Titulescu ″ confirms in the future the appreciations it enjoys, materialized in the obtained academic accreditation, to maintain and increase its prestige. Our motto is and will be: quality education, professionalism and exigency.


  • Bucharest

    Calea Văcărești,185, 040051, Bucharest