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Universität des Saarlandes

Universität des Saarlandes

Universität des Saarlandes


Saarland University was founded in 1948 as a bilingual university under the patronage of the French government. The University is situated in an outward-looking region of Germany close to France and Luxembourg and has developed into a trilingual campus university (English, French and German) with around 17,000 students. However, Saarland University is not only distinguished by its unique geographical location. Saarland University also has an outstanding reputation for research in computer science, as well as in the research areas ‘Europe’ and ‘NanoBioMed’, which involves interdisciplinary cooperation in the life sciences, pharmaceutical science, medicine and materials research.

A broad range of interdisciplinary, international degree programmes with opportunities for cross-border studies

Saarland University offers more than 100 subjects at a total of six faculties.

One of the University’s special features is the cross-border degree programmes, which are offered in almost all disciplines. These international programmes with an integrated study-abroad period lead to a double-degree qualification and are organized jointly with international partner universities - mostly in France and Luxembourg. Not only do students acquire subject-specific knowledge, but during their time spent abroad, they also get to know the language and culture of the host country.

When we talk about internationality being an integral part of day-to-day living at Saarland University, we do not only refer to our cross-border degree programmes. We also refer to the extraordinary cultural diversity, as more than one-fifth of our students come from abroad. With over 120 different nationalities represented on campus, we are more multicultural than almost any other German university.

Cutting-edge international research

The University's outstanding reputation for research in computer science and the promising research area ‘NanoBioMed’ attracts many students, scholars and researchers from all over the world. As a third defining feature, Saarland University’s unique Franco-German roots have given the University its genuinely European dimension, with Europe featuring strongly in the University’s research and teaching. This is reflected in the great number of degree programmes with a strong European focus offered at Saarland University, such as the Bachelor of European Studies.


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