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University of Europe for Applied Sciences MA Visual & Experience Design
University of Europe for Applied Sciences

MA Visual & Experience Design

2 Semesters


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 820 / per month *


* EU applicants: from 820 € monthly; Non-EU applicants: from 10,938 € yearly


Gain an understanding of innovations in the digital, social, computational, and physical designs that permeate our daily lives and create sustainable and human-centered solutions to complex challenges.

Professional roles in the field of design are constantly in flux. Contemporary design has to encompass the traditional physical, as well as new digital media. Increasingly, companies are discovering the value of experience design in delivering brand, product, and service messages and in engaging their customers and users through digital touchpoints. While many experiences work on multiple senses, the singularly most important is visual – rendering effective visual communication crucial to experience design.


In our Visual & Experience Design master’s program, students will gain an understanding of innovations in digital, computational, and physical interactions that permeate our daily lives. All topics will be delivered in sequential clusters, allowing the students to acquire and apply theories to real contexts, as well as to envision entirely new scenarios. Modules will focus on creative approaches to visual design, the value of cultural diversity in an age of globalized markets, and the deep spectrum of approaches to designing for social media and digital ecosystems.

This course will focus on the critical awareness of the balance between creative, commercial, and business considerations, to develop visual narratives using a variety of tools and graphic elements. You will also create briefs for research-driven projects and innovative approaches to business. Modules will emphasize the changing role of designers in the sphere of the algorithmic process that mediates our interactions in digital spaces, where adaptive thinking and human-centered content creation are the true currencies of contemporary designers.


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