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TOBB ETÜ - University of Economics & Technology

TOBB ETÜ - University of Economics & Technology

TOBB ETÜ - University of Economics & Technology


Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Economics and Technology University (TOBB ETU) was established by TOBB qualified to educate entrepreneurs and community leaders. Our university, which aims to contribute to the development of society by producing original and universal knowledge, is a successful example of corporate and social responsibility.

TOBB ETU applying its unique educational model of university-industry cooperation is taking a first in Turkey.


TOBB ETÜ is ranked among the Best Universities in the World, founded after the year 2000!

  • TOBB ETÜ is ranked among the top universities in the world, founded since the year 2000 based on THE’s 2018 Young University Rankings: Millennial Universities!
  • TOBB ETÜ is the first and only Turkish University in the Millennial Rankings.


TOBB ETÜ is the first and only University in Turkey to integrate cooperative education system to undergraduate education.

  • Cooperative education is a unique approach to higher education that enables students to gain one-year work experience prior to their graduation grounded on university-business world cooperation.
  • Undergraduate students of TOBB ETÜ work at actual jobs for 3 times, for 3.5 months at a time, from the third year of their education on, graduating with a work experience of approximately 1 year in total.
  • At TOBB ETÜ, students have the opportunity to gain work experience at more than 3.000 workplaces in relation to TOBB ETÜ's contracted companies and institutions in Turkey and abroad.

In Turkey, 3-Term Education System is only practiced at TOBB ETÜ.

  • At TOBB ETÜ, each education year is divided into three equal parts: Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • Undergraduate education comprises of 8 academic terms and 3 cooperative education terms.

At TOBB ETÜ, students who successfully pursue their undergraduate major can participate in double major and minor programs.

  • Double Major Programs enable students to graduate with two diplomas in two different majors.
  • Interdisciplinary Minor Programs enable students to master their skills in any field they are interested in.

The most rigorous training of English education in Turkey, 1040 hours, is offered at TOBB ETÜ based on the implementation of TOEFL IBT as the standard measure for evaluation.

  • Newly-submitted international students who do not meet TOBB ETÜ's English Proficiency level must attend classes in English Preparatory School for one year prior to their undergraduate education.

In addition to Preparatory Education and undergraduate courses in English, students learn a second foreign language at TOBB ETÜ.

  • Second Foreign Language is mandatory at TOBB ETÜ.
  • Second Foreign Languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Arabic.

TOBB ETÜ offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for international students.

  • Successful applicants will be considered for TOBB ETÜ Scholarships: Full Scholarship, %75 Scholarship, %50 Scholarship, and %25 Scholarship.
  • TOBB ETÜ may offer only tuition scholarships. Currently, no dormitory or supplementary scholarships are offered to international students. Foreigners moving from other countries to Turkey will have priority if they apply to stay in TOBB ETÜ dormitories. / Pexels



2001 - Official establishment of the Education and Culture Foundation of the Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBEV), the founder and supporter of TOBB ETÜ.

2002 - TOBEV’s decision to establish TOBB ETÜ.

2003 - GNAT’s passing of the Law to Establish TOBB ETÜ.

2004 - Admission of first students of the university, with 3 faculties (Engineering, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Sciences and Arts) and 10 departments.

2007 - Establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and the admission of its first set of students.

2008 - Graduation of the first year of students of TOBB ETÜ; the first graduation ceremony.

2009 - Opening of the Foreign Languages Building.
Establishment of the Faculty of Law and the admission of its first students.

2010 - Opening of TOBB ETÜ Student Guesthouse, to provide accommodation for the students.

2013 - Establishment of the School of Medicine, and admission of its first students.
Opening of TOBB ETÜ Technology Center, starting the provision of education - teaching and scientific research services.
TOBB ETÜ - GARAGE started offering services to help young entrepreneurs implement their business ideas and to provide them with guidance.

2014 - School of Medicine, Morphology Laboratory started operations at its own building.

2016 - TOBB ETÜ Private Hospital’s association with TOBB ETÜ.


  • Ankara

    Sogutozu Street No: 43, Sogutozu, 06560, Ankara