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Texas A&M University Commerce College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts MFA in Visual Communication – Dallas
Texas A&M University Commerce College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts

MFA in Visual Communication – Dallas

Commerce, USA

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Sep 2024

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The Master of Fine Arts degree with an concentration in visual communication is focused on meeting the needs of practicing professionals in the expanding field of visual communication who aspire to achieve a higher level of proficiency in creative design innovation and problem-solving techniques, design business strategy, ideation and marketing, and prepare for a career in design education.

The capstone of this terminal degree is a thesis paper and exhibition on a topic with importance to business, education and social responsibility. Utilizing traditional research and design-research methodologies, MFA-VisCom candidates are expected to develop a thesis that expands the current boundaries of knowledge and understanding through the revelation of tangible measurable data and/or results.

The MFA with an concentration in Visual Communication is a marriage of artistic skill, professionalism, and business knowledge. To strengthen your creativity and marketability, apply to the A&M-Commerce Master of Fine Arts program now!

Housed at the Universities Center at Dallas near the Arts District, the graduate facilities in Visual Communication support the curriculum leading to the Master of Fine Arts. Here students work with graduate faculty, adjunct instructors, and professionals in the fields of design innovation and design business to develop advanced skills in creative conceptualization, design process, and product and pedagogy development.

The MFA is designed to accommodate applicants who are currently employed or have previous experience in field of visual communication. For the the working professional, our graduate classes are scheduled in the evenings. Students pursue the MFA to enrich their current creative, business, and design education skills and at the same time to engage in higher order critical analysis and application of their work within society and the business world. Special concentration is placed on the cogency of art history, theory, and design criticism coupled with courses that stress creative strategies, sound business practices, working within design communities, professional leadership, and effective pedagogical approaches to art education. Because the Master of Fine Arts degree is regarded as the terminal degree in the field of visual arts, the MFA is an ideal choice for students with aspirations of teaching at the college level or advance their professional career.

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