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At SLU, we engage students in some of the most important issues facing the 21st century, such as global warming, the food crisis, and our dependence on non-renewable energy.

The teaching style at SLU promotes critical thinking. As a student, you are expected to question beliefs that are often taken for granted and we also expect you to question what you learn. Debating with classmates and lecturers is accepted and welcomed. SLU’s teaching staff crave academic excellence and are focused on producing a highly employable student body. Communication skills, the ability to work in a team and solve problems, an awareness of the commercial landscape and work experience are just some of the qualities that make our graduates employable.

To strengthen your ability to build a career in an increasingly competitive job market, as a student at SLU you are encouraged to learn through experience.

You study real-life situations, take a hands-on approach to problem-solving, and make valuable contact with the business sector. Lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, fieldwork, group projects, and independent study are just some of the teaching methods used here.

Assessment procedures also vary depending on the course and can include written assignments and examinations, individual and group projects, laboratory reports, and oral presentations. Here at SLU we are committed to developing the internationalization aspect of our syllabus, network, and student experience.

Global perspectives have been integrated into the design, development, and presentation of all programs and courses. We welcome students from all over the world and by offering students the chance to make important international connections, we are increasing our students’ global employability.

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Visa Requirements

To be able to study in Sweden, you need a residence permit. Application for a residence permit for studies can be sent after the tuition fee has been paid, and you have received a confirmation email from SLU.

Application for a residence permit is made through the Migration Agency website. The Migration Agency is responsible for the entire residence permit process. SLU cannot in any way affect your application. Questions regarding your residence permit should be asked to the Migration Agency.

The waiting time for a decision from the Migration Agency is usually between 2-5 months, sometimes longer. Therefore SLU urge students to pay their tuition fee and apply for a residence permit as soon as possible after you have received the payment instructions from SLU (shortly after you receive the notification of selection results).

The only document you need to prove that you have been admitted to SLU and that you are insured, is the notification of selection results emailed to you after the selection.

You must be registered to 30 credits each semester. If you study less than 30 credits during a semester your residence permit may be revoked, or an application for an extension denied. If you cannot study for any reason, such as illness or because you cannot pay your tuition fee, you are expected to leave Sweden, as a residence permit for studies only allows residence for studies.


QS Rankings

SLU is ranked as the third best university in the world in the subject Agriculture & Forestry, and number 31 in the subject Veterinary Medicine.

SLU in international university rankings


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