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SDU Seoul Digital University

SDU Seoul Digital University

SDU Seoul Digital University


Due to the development of information technology, the amount of information and the speed of sharing it has increased. In order to respond to the change of society and to survive in the competition, constant learning became essential. Accordingly, there was a demand for an education system that suits the concept of lifelong education which brought the rise of cyber universities such as Seoul Digital University.

Seoul Digital University has been faithful to its role and duty as the leading cyber university of Korea and has shown remarkable growth in a short period of time. Especially, Seoul Digital University is armed with high-quality educational content, excellent faculty, and the largest student body. We have been constantly trying to improve student service and to make our university specialized by reorganizing the curriculum.

As a result of such effort, Seoul Digital University has become the nation’s best cyber university showing the best performance in student satisfaction and competition rate, etc. SDU is also gaining global stature through cooperative exchanges with foreign universities.

Seoul Digital University will continue to develop beyond being Korea’s best cyber university and will step up to become the world’s best. Furthermore, we will help students to develop their potential to the utmost by grafting the new technology onto education. We are confident that the moment you graduate from our university you will be a qualified professional desired by society.


  • Dongdaemun-gu

    Dongdaemun-gu, South Korea


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