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Schiller International University


Through our four International Campuses, we provide students with Global Transformative Education. A learning-by-living experience that allows them to obtain an accredited dual degree (US and European), master global diversity by living immersed in up to four different countries, increase international employability by building a Personalized Path that promotes leadership, and establish a global mindset to perform as Smart Global Professionals.


A network of four international campuses that allows students to earn a degree learning-by-living in up to four different countries. Our students can combine our multiple international locations (US, Spain, France, and Germany) during their program, mastering global diversity and exploring potential international careers opportunities.


Accredited dual degrees (US and European) and local authorities recognitions worldwide. We are a US-accredited American University. Additionally, our students have the possibility of obtaining a complementary European Diploma (University of Roehampton, UK), accessing the benefits that countries may provide to study abroad, and specializing in key market areas through our industry leaders' partnerships.


One-course-per-month system and hyperconnected reality methodologies allow students to learn in a focused and structured way, interacting and applying knowledge to different global realities. Through our block scheduling system and our learning-by-doing methodologies, our students learn in a structured and practical way, applying knowledge to real organization challenges and developing well-rounded skills.


An adaptive academic path that provides students with different program settings, testing experiences, and supportive tools to build a step-by-step personalized experience. Our students can plan, lead, and develop a personalized educational road by choosing among different program parameters and exploring options before deciding the next steps. Additionally, our Personal Advisors and Scholarship Plan provide them with 1-To-1 Attention to reach their goals.


Mentoring Plans, Partnerships, and In-Company Programs to successfully increase international employability and establish a Global Mindset. We perform as a Global Employability HUB helping students, professionals, and organizations facing career challenges. Our ecosystem allows them to build an international network, raise their hard and soft skills, and access current market demand.

Campus Features

Live a truly 100% international experience by studying your program in up to four different countries without losing any credits and without difficult transitions.*

*Campus transfers subject to local program availability and personal visa process.

    Campus Life & Facilities

    Schiller International University supports the personal and professional development of all its students worldwide. This means providing resources for study and student life during your degree program, and offering assistance as you venture into the job market after graduation. We offer a variety of services to our students, whether on-campus or online.

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    English Language Requirements

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    • Paris

      Schiller International University Paris Campus 9, rue Yvart, 75015, Paris

      • Heidelberg

        Schiller International University Heidelberg Campus Zollhofgarten 1, 69115, Heidelberg

        • Madrid

          Schiller International University Madrid Campus Calle Serrano 156 (Plaza de la Republica Argentina), 28002, Madrid

          • Tampa

            400 N Tampa St, Suite #1700, Tampa, Florida 33602, US, 33602, Tampa

            • Tampa

              400 N Tampa St, Suite #1700, Tampa, Florida 33602, US, 33602, Tampa