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Royal College Of Music In Stockholm (KMH) Composition – Jazz (Masters)
Royal College Of Music In Stockholm (KMH)

Composition – Jazz (Masters)

Östermalm, Sweden

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English, Northern Sami

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Sep 2023

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Studying a Master's Programme in Composition at KMH means being in a creative environment with sound and music creation in focus. For a long time, we have trained the most outstanding composers in jazz music, operating both nationally and internationally.

In the Master's Programme in Composition you can choose between three different profiles:

Electroacoustic Music


Western Art Music

You choose one of these but may study some courses with students in the other profiles. The purpose of the programme is to educate composers for the national and international music scene.


Before starting the studies on postgraduate level, you must have completed an undergraduate study programme of at least 180 ECTS, taken a B.A. in music or acquired corresponding qualifications in your speciality.

For further information regarding admissions, please see below the description of entrance tests.

Programme Content

The programme further develops your artistic and technical ability, provides specialized repertoire knowledge and in-depth artistic insight.

The course Composition 1 is based on your composition work, where the teacher tutor you as a student in order to strengthen your artistic skills, artistic voice and ability to reflect. The course also includes work with a annual festival LjudOljud, as well as the seminar series Composition Forum, which illuminates various artistic issues and artistry.

Regular concerts with both instrumental music and electroacoustic music give you many opportunities to get your music performed. This includes collaboration with established ensembles, choirs, orchestras and big bands. The education also includes optional and research preparation courses.

The Master's Programme in Composition ends with a degree project with the emphasis in an artistic musical presentation that is to be reported and documented. This often involves a larger independent composition work together with a written reflective part. In the course Degree Project, a seminar series and individual tutoring will be given as support for writing and implementing your independent work.

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