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Top five ranked, unique for those who have attended it.

7 training areas, 5 Innovation Paths, 80 training projects with more than 25 Masters and over 25 Advanced Training Courses. is a non-profit consortium company founded by Politecnico di Milano and through it accesses the large pool of multidisciplinary skills present in the first and most important Italian technical university.

Tradition and innovation, quality, and ability to connect with the professional world are the cornerstones that have made since 1999 one of the reference companies at an international level for post-graduate training.

Together with the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano and the Department of Design, forms the Design System of the Politecnico, an aggregate of resources, skills, structures, and laboratories, among the most important in the world. is the post-graduate school in Design of the Politecnico di Milano that supports and completes the curricular paths of the School of Design, aiming at professional training and an effective insertion in the many areas of work in which the designer operates today.

It plays a hinge role between universities, businesses, organizations and institutions, and professional worlds, operating in the perspective of internationalization and establishing partnerships with universities, schools, organizations, institutions, companies, and companies from time to time.

Our vision

In complex and closely interrelated worlds such as those we live in today, Design represents a resource that can guide societies and production systems towards new development models; it is also a resource that is nowadays crucial for standing up to the global competition in terms of identity and diversity.

Design is a driving force behind the growth that can guide individual and collective choices through cultural trends, guiding tastes, behaviors, lifestyles, and consumption styles. It has numerous and highly varied applications: from research and applications connected with the introduction of new technologies to designing new products and services, from the study of communication interfaces to managing ergonomic and environmental qualities, from defining urban spaces and one’s own body to governing processes connected with environmental and social sustainability policies.

In this context, proposes to:

  • unite the academic and business cultures and the world of knowledge professionals;
  • promote and develop a design as a discipline and system of professions;
  • foster virtuous relationships between universities, institutions, manufacturers, and professionals;
  • support the development of creative enterprises.

5 ways of innovation

Active LearningDesign AcculturationPartner in Education
Activating design knowledge by generating value for companies and institutions is the goal of these paths. Training and applied research are oriented towards understanding the new market and consumer demands, to create innovation.Our academic culture and your market challenges meet in innovation paths in which makes disciplinary knowledge and active teaching experiences available to companies, associations, and institutions.The culture of design grows by grafts: among the academia, associations, companies, professionals. A partnership offered through educational paths that we will promote together, in ways that meet your goals.
Internship ExperienceContests & Events
Design has many faces, like our students: a melting pot of cultures, languages, experiences, specializations. And only one common trait: an academic education as solid as it once was and as liquid as our times require.Design is the engine of growth, cultural orientation, the evolution of taste, the transformation of lifestyles, and consumption. We take care of this at, and on these issues, we can develop competitions and cultural events together.

Politecnico Design System

Along with the Politecnico Design School and the Design Department, forms the Design System of the Politecnico di Milano, a research, education, and promotion center that is unique in its field in the world. is also significantly related to the Italian Design System, thanks to a relationship with the Design Associations, as:

  • ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
  • AIPi Associazione Italiana Progettisti d’Interni
  • AIAP Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva
  • Federlegno Arredo

Design Department

Affirming the importance of a strong link between research and training, the department develops and fosters teaching skills in the area of design and related disciplines.

School of Design

Today the largest international university for the training of product, communication, interior and fashion designers, both by a number of students and of teaching staff. over the world is an international knowledge network, connected with local dynamics around the world. Always open to new collaborations and always oriented to building stable relationships with those in the world who think, produce, teach, study design.

Over the boundaries, towards uniqueness

We believe in a design that knows how to think beyond old boundaries, build new design culture, create value. For people, communities, businesses, all over the world.

We work to promote and disseminate an inclusive and sustainable design culture, enhancing and intensifying international relations.

We have built strong relationships with companies and institutions around the world, offering training programs for international students, professionals, and companies and organizing tailor-made training courses and site-specific projects.

We operate as a bridge between the academic world and professional contexts, through experimental activities involving students and professionals in all fields of design. We welcome students from more than 80 countries around the world every year. international network operates within an international network, that is continuously growing thanks to the wide-ranging experiences and collaborations in an increasingly interconnected and global dimension. Our objective is to promote and spread the design culture, through enhancing and intensifying our international relations. has built strong relationships with companies and institutions worldwide by offering training programs for international students, professionals, and companies, and by organizing tailored training courses and site-specific projects.

The goal of is to promote the exchange, access, and mobility in the world of design, strengthening and intensifying relations, in a perspective of spreading the culture of design. involves each year international students coming from 88 countries all over the world, such as Colombia, Brasil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, China, Costa Rica, Turkey, Russia, India, Uruguay, Greece, Lebanon, Switzerland, Denmark, Korea, Thailand, Morocco, Mauritius, Qatar, Uganda, etc.

Campus Features

Campus Bovisa - Politecnico di Milano, the largest Design Hub in Italy

The POLIMI Design System made by the Design Department, the School of Design, and, is located in the Bovisa district, north of the city of Milan, a short distance from the city center, in a symbolic place of the industrial Milan of the past. The neighborhood is now experiencing a broad process of urban transformation, destined to become a pole of higher education, research, and innovation.

The Politecnico di Milano began its history in Bovisa by settling almost twenty years ago in what is now the headquarters via Durando, in the re-adapted factory of the former Ceretti & Tanfani, where in the past cables for cable cars were manufactured.

Facilities & labs

The POLIMI Design System has one of the most internationally recognized laboratory systems.

It occupies an area of about 10,000 square meters in the building that houses the School of Design and teaching activities.


    How to submit the application for admission to participate in a Specializing Master

    If you are a candidate with a qualification obtained in Italy, to apply for admission to a Specializing Master you will be required to provide our offices with the following documents:

    • admission request;
    • curriculum vitae;
    • scan of the qualification;
    • copy of the identity document;
    • any other document that may be required by the specific Master (i.e.: portfolio, certificates of knowledge of the language, etc.).

    If you are a candidate with a qualification obtained abroad, you will be required to provide our offices with the following documents:

    • application for admission;
    • curriculum vitae;
    • scan of the degree diploma obtained;
    • translation of the Degree Diploma into Italian, English, French, or Spanish;
    • scan of the certificate with the exams taken;
    • translation of the certificate with the exams taken in Italian, English, French, or Spanish;
    • copy of passport or copy of identity document;
    • any other document that may be required by the specific Master (i.e.: portfolio, certificates of knowledge of the language, etc.).

    Only after notification of admissibility can the student start the visa application procedure and any documentation required for enrollment at the Politecnico di Milano.

    How to submit the application for admission to participate in Higher Education Courses

    To apply for admission to a higher education course, the following documents shall be sent:

    • admission request;
    • curriculum vitae;
    • copy of the identity document;
    • copy of the tax code;
    • any other document that may be required by the single Course (i.e.: portfolio, certificates of knowledge of the language, etc.);
    • copy of the entry visa and residence permit (non-EU students only), if required.

    Result of the request

    Once the admission test for both Masters and Higher Education Courses has been passed, will notify you of the outcome of the assessment.

    You will then be able to access your personal area, where you will find the admission confirmation together with the instructions to follow to confirm your registration. will verify the uploaded registration documents and the relative payment receipt.

    Always within your personal area, you will be notified of the progress of your request.

    For students abroad


    Visa Requirements

    After you will have completed your enrolment in a Specializing Master, if you are a non- UE citizen you should apply for a long-term study visa.

    For the application, you will have to register on the Universitaly website and then Politecnico di Milano will confirm your registration in the system and all the required data so that you may complete your application.

    Please get in touch with Education Office in order to have some tips that may be useful in the application.

    Residence permit for EU students

    If you are a citizen of Europe or of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, it is not necessary to apply for a residence permit. However, to reside in Italy for a period exceeding three months, it is necessary to register with the registry office of the municipality of residence, choosing one of the following methods:

    A. Students who do not intend to move their residence to Italy:

    To obtain a temporary residence in Italy, you must go directly to the registry office of your choice by presenting the following documents:

    • copy and original of the valid passport/identity card;
    • copy and original of the tax code;
    • copy of the certificate of enrollment in the course of study, in Italian;
    • copy and original European health card (EHIC) of the current state of belonging;
    • proof of sufficient economic resources (minimum € 5,825) provided through the Euro1 form (fill in point “” B “” only if there are dependent family members). On the form, in the part dedicated to personal data, indicate the place of residence (referring to your country of residence) and the domicile address in Milan.

    Registration in the temporary registry is valid for one year from the day of issue.

    Central registry office: Municipio 1 – Citizen Services Area – Foreigners Office or Counter (take ticket “C”), via Larga 12, 20122 Milan – Opening hours: continued from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 15:30

    B. Students who intend to transfer their residence to Italy:

    Please first check if there are any implications of moving your residence permanently. To proceed, you must register with the Registry office by sending an email, attaching the following documents:

    • copy of an identity document;
    • copy of the tax code;
    • university enrollment certificate;
    • health insurance (European health card/module S1/private health insurance with 1-year validity of registration/voluntary registration with the national health service);
    • proof of sufficient financial resources (minimum €5825), provided through the Euro1 form;
    • declaration of residence provided through the self-certification of the Declaration of Residence.

    Residence permit for non-EU students

    If you are a non-EU citizen within 8 working days of your arrival in Italy you will have to start the procedure for issuing the residence permit. This procedure requires the compilation of a kit that you can find yourself at the post offices at the “Sportello Amico”.

    The Kit must be completed and accompanied by copies of the following documents:

    • copy of the visa and passport page with personal data;
    • copy of the health insurance payment slip; in the case of insurance purchased abroad, this must be validated by the Italian embassy of your country and translated into Italian (if it was not issued in English);
    • copy of the certification certifying the course of study to be followed, endorsed by the Italian Diplomatic / Consular Representation upon issuing the entry visa.

    The updated list of required documents is available on the Immigration Portal.

    At the post office, you will be given a receipt certifying your application for a residence permit. You can check the status of your request on the Police website or on the immigration portal. You will also be notified via SMS about the day, time, and place of the withdrawal of your residence permit. International students with a regular residence permit are authorized to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and 1,040 hours per year.


    • 1st in Italy
    • 3rd in Europe
    • 5th in the World

    Politecnico di Milano - QS Ranking 2022 in Art&Design category


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