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Nuclio Digital School was created with the objective of training talent to discover positions with high demand in the current market. It has managed to place itself among the 3 most important digital schools in Spain thanks to its innovative methodology and the close connection with the technological and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

How 5 months can transform my professional career?

You will be surprised if we say that in just a few months, you can acquire the same knowledge as studying for a whole year.

How to do it? The answer is to immerse yourself in the knowledge and practical experience of a training area. Our intensive masters are programs that have been designed by product teams, specialists in the education sector and active experts who hold positions of responsibility in startups and large corporations. The mostly practical approach uses the learning by doing methodology in classes with small groups of students.

Our students face real challenges that simulate the day-to-day life of the role for which they are training. In addition, the syllabi are reviewed and updated in line with market demand, standing out for being a trend in technology and tools in each sector offered. The duration is 4 months, so agile methodologies and sprints are applied so that students achieve the results. Finally, our network of teachers stands out, active professionals who use the most up-to-date techniques on the market, guaranteeing practical learning.

  • 86% Have Got a Job
  • 62% Have Achieved a Senior Role in the Sector
  • 94% Students Recommend It

What this pandemic has achieved is to accelerate a process that we were already experiencing in recent years: The transition of thousands of profiles from a traditional industry to a much more digital one. Job positions in companies are evolving the profile of the worker and that is why it is so important to train employees with those skills and soft skills that the market demands quickly, intensively and practically.

At Nuclio Digital School we focus our training on helping to reskill profiles, professional reorientation and train people to lead digital transformation in companies.


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  • Barcelona

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