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Merito Group: WSB Merito Universities & DSW University of Lower Silesia

Merito Group: WSB Merito Universities & DSW University of Lower Silesia

Merito Group: WSB Merito Universities & DSW University of Lower Silesia


If you are thinking of studying in Poland, the heart of Europe, you are one step away from making the right choice. Our Universities are characterized by the high quality of education, workshop forms of teaching, lecturers - specialists in their respective fields, and approachable studies’ organization.

All this will help you gain knowledge that you will use in your professional life. Studies at WSB Merito University & DSW University of Lower Silesia are a place to meet practitioners: our faculty have gained their experience in the best companies in our region. They include entrepreneurs, business owners, finance, management, and marketing experts. They discuss the phenomena and processes and illustrate them with examples taken from their professional work, thanks to which you will learn about modern solutions used in everyday business.

12 universities in 11 cities

The Group comprises WSB Merito Universities and the DSW University of Lower Silesia, in total the Group has six universities and seven faculties in 11 largest Polish cities. WSB Merito Universities and DSW University of Lower Silesia rank very high in the most prestigious Polish rankings of private universities. Our degree programs are addressed, in the first place, to those who want to work and study. Even in full-time programs classes are scheduled on just 3-4 days in a week, and we produce tight schedules keeping gaps at a minimum. Most of our international students, too, easily combine their WSB Merito University degree programs with jobs.

Campus Features

Our university takes pride in its diverse campuses scattered across various locations in Poland, each offering unique advantages. These distinct campuses not only provide students with a rich cultural experience but also expose them to a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. From the bustling urban environment of our Warsaw campus, where students can engage with industry professionals and cultural events, to the serene and close-knit community atmosphere of our Wrocław campus, promoting deeper connections with peers and professors, we cater to different preferences and aspirations. Our Gdansk campus combines modernity with a maritime touch, fostering innovation and research in coastal studies. By strategically situating our campuses, we ensure that students can choose the setting that resonates with them, while still benefiting from the high-quality education and resources our university is renowned for.


    Easy application for studies - step by step

    You can become a first-cycle student (undergraduate or engineering) at WSB University after graduating from high school and collecting your secondary school completion certificate. Remember that Poland has different modes of validation of high school certificates, depending on the country you graduated from.

    Remember to get a validation of your graduation certificate before leaving for Poland. It is a document that approves the education you have accomplished so far and allows you to enroll in studies in the country you have studied.

    To make you eligible for admission into a WSB degree program, your English skills must be at a CEFR B2 level.
    If you do not have a certificate of secondary education in the English language or a globally recognized language qualification, the WSB University will assess your proficiency by giving you a written test and conducting a Skype interview.


    WSB Merito University: 3rd Place in Poland

    In the prestigious Ranking of Universities - Perspektywy 2022, WSB University took 3rd place in Poland (from 6th to 3rd position compared with the previous year) and is the only non-public university outside of Warsaw to be ranked so high. In the Ranking of Academic Universities, 2021 - WSB University was ranked 35th in Poland (from 42nd to 35th compared with the previous year) among all public and private universities with the right to award the doctoral degree.

    Particular fields of study have been appreciated: National Security - 4th place, Computer Science - 5th place, Management - 12th place, Pedagogy - 13th place, Transport - 18th place, and Physiotherapy - 24th place. It is a great distinction for WSB University and the success of all its Employees, Students, and Graduates.

    The ranking of Academic Universities includes 27 indicators grouped into seven criteria: Prestige, Alumni on the labor market, Scientific potential, Scientific effectiveness, Scientific potential, Innovation, and Internationalization. This makes it one of the most extensive and transparent educational rankings.

    The Final Gala took place on June 22nd, 2021 at the Olympic Center in Warsaw. Diplomas for Rectors of the best universities have been awarded during the Gala. The diploma for WSB University was received by the Rector - Assoc. Prof. Zdzisława Dacko-Pikiewicz, PhD.

    The Perspektywy University Ranking 2021 includes the vast majority of universities in Poland. Its methodology for the classification of universities and particular fields of study makes it an important source of information for candidates for studies. When assessing the university, the Ranking Committee takes into account the voice of the academic community and modifies its indicators.


    AACSB Accredited


    • Wrocław

      WSB Meritto University in Wroclaw ul. Fabryczna 29-31, 53-609 Wrocław, Wrocław

    • Warsaw

      Łabiszyńska,25, 03-204, Warsaw

    • Torun

      Młodzieżowa,31a, 87-100, Torun

    • Poznań

      Powstańców Wielkopolskich,5, 61-895, Poznań

    • Opole

      Augustyna Kośnego,48, 45-372, Opole

    • Łódź

      Brzozowa,5, 93-101, Łódź

    • Chorzow

      Sportowa,29, 41-506, Chorzow

    • Bydgoszcz

      Fordońska,74, 85-739, Bydgoszcz

    • Wrocław

      DSW University of Lower Silesia ul. Strzegomska 55, 53-611, Wrocław


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