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Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management in Olsztyn Master in MANAGEMENT
Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management in Olsztyn


Olsztyn, Poland

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Oct 2023

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The proposed study program for the field of Management, second-cycle studies, and the practical profile results from focusing the education process on acquiring theoretical knowledge related to practical vocational training at the academic level. The program is based on the knowledge, skills, and social competencies in management obtained in the first level of education. As part of the master's degree studies, these contents were deepened and expanded with highly specialized, practical, modern managerial and economic knowledge.

The graduate has in-depth knowledge of other economic sciences, knows their relationship to management sciences, has the knowledge to consciously shape development processes and institutional framework for the functioning of the economy and its entities,

knows the advanced methodology of research in economic sciences as well as computational methods and information techniques used to solve unusual problems of organization and management, has an in-depth knowledge of the nature and relations between the phenomena in the area of ​​organization management to the extent that allows for analysis and assessing the essence of economic problems, has in-depth knowledge of people as the creator of culture and animator of the processes of managing the organization and its resources, has in-depth knowledge of classic and modern management concepts, knows their development trends and the possibilities of their application in the management of modern organizations of various types, knows the fundamental economic dilemmas of modern civilization, basic legal acts regulating the activities of the organization and the effects of legal conditions, as well as economic, social, demographic and other organization management processes, has an organized knowledge of industrial property and copyright, knows the forms of development of individual entrepreneurship.

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