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Kelowna College of Professional Counselling

Kelowna College of Professional Counselling

Kelowna College of Professional Counselling


Your Education, Your Way...

Become a Professional Counselor or Therapist in just 1 year; OR pursue a specialized certificate in 7 months.

KCPC takes a laser-like approach to training… zeroing in on theories and specific skills so graduates are ready to hit the ground running.

Here’s an overview of what we have to offer.

KCPC programs offers practical and affordable alternatives to an academic only 4-degree program.

  • KCPC earned the highest certification for private career colleges by the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia.
  • Prepare for employment as an entry-to-mid-level counsellor or therapist in a community agency, or open a private practice.
  • Learn the skills needed to help adults, couples, youth struggling with a wide variety of mental health concerns.

Which program is the best fit for you?

To accommodate the diverse landscape of employment opportunities in the mental health field, KCPC offers a variety of options to fit your career goals—

The Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counseling is an accelerated, online program that can be completed in just one year. This customized Diploma allows you to choose from two areas of specialization for an entry-to-mid-level career in professional counselling, or the practice of psychotherapy.

What’s the difference between Counseling and Psychotherapy?

Counsellors address mild to moderate behaviour and emotional problems that impact a client’s personal or social adjustment. (Adult student status required for Admission into the Diploma program specializing in counselling).

Psychotherapists utilize advanced techniques to treat complex mental health issues that seriously impact the individual’s level of functioning. (Undergraduate degree required for Admission into the Diploma program specializing in psychotherapy).

Certificate of Applied Counseling Studies. The 7-month Certificate program (made up of 9 courses), for mental health professionals who wish to specialize in one area of practice such as:

  • Practice of Psychotherapy
  • Sex and Intimacy Counseling
  • Youth and Family Counseling
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Support Counselor
  • Community-Based Counseling
  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Or customized for your preferred area of practice.

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Preparing for a Career

Selecting the right school is a major concern for you and for us, too. The admissions team at KCPC encourage all applicants to do your research, and carefully weigh your options. Compare the quality of education being offered against the financial and time commitment required.

Many KCPC students tell us that training for a new career in the shortest amount of time was a priority. For them, an accredited competency-based college program that required half the time and money as a university program made the most sense.

What about job opportunities?

Employment preparation

Throughout your program, you’ll develop a portfolio of practical job skills. Depending on your area of specialization, you’ll be prepared to work as an entry-to-mid-level counsellor or therapist in a public agency or open your own private practice. Some graduates apply their diverse job skills to other business endeavours.

Commitment to Diploma graduates

–KCPC stands behind our commitment to teaching the skills needed to begin your career as a professional counsellor. While we can’t guarantee employment results, we will provide free refresher courses for the first year after graduation to help you maintain the level of competence employers expect from KCPC grads.

Commitment to employers – KCPC stands by our commitment to employers-- ensuring that newly hired Diploma grads are competent and ready to go to work as entry-level counsellors. Any gaps in training will be corrected through free refresher courses.

Can I learn to be a Mental Health professional by taking courses online? Absolutely…

Distance Education is fast becoming the preferred method of instruction for many students. Today’s technology, combined with KCPC’s unique approach to distance learning makes it possible to complete your training from the comfort and convenience of your home.

There are several reasons students prefer the convenience of Distance Education:

  • Assignments provide hands-on skill practice with volunteer ‘clients’, with you in the role of the counsellor.
  • Textbooks delivered right to your door. Plus you’ll have unlimited access to over 200 training videos from the KCPC streaming library.
  • Interactive exercises teach counselling skills that are transferable to employment settings.
  • You’ll enhance your training with a volunteer placement in a community or private agency; develop a professional network and portfolio of job skills with practical relevance for future employers.
  • Instructors are professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers.
  • You’ll have the option to meet with other students in skill labs for additional practice.

What’s happening On The College Campus?

For students who prefer to attend on-campus classes, here's a snapshot of what to expect from studying at our Kelowna Campus.

  • Practice sessions related to course topics simulate counselling situations.
  • Small class size, discussions, and group projects.
  • Class meets 4 hours a day Monday-Friday; each course is 3 weeks in length. (Homework assignments are in addition to the time spent in class.)
  • The Study Group option is available in combination with Distance Education assignments.
  • Students have unlimited access to an online library of videos.
  • Instructors are professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers.
  • On-Campus classes subject to minimum enrollment.

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What else is good to know?

KCPC meets the highest standards for private career colleges in British Columbia. Students from all over the world can be confident in the quality of education that we offer.

Textbooks and study materials included with the cost of tuition encompass the latest theories, concepts, and techniques from psychology, social work, and counselling. You’ll also have online access to over 200 training videos from KCPC’s video streaming library.

Hands-on practice leads to Professional Competence – interactive assignments simulate real counselling situations. This hands-on approach prepares graduates to meet trends and changing job requirements for entry-level counsellors or psychotherapists working in community agencies and private practice settings.

Faculty, curriculum, and textbooks are comparable to those found in undergraduate University programs. This benefits students who choose to continue their education in the University system. Transfer credits for courses taken at KCPC may apply toward a BA degree or a pre-requisite for certain MA degrees at the discretion of University Admissions’ Departments.

Instructors are seasoned mentors with graduate degrees in psychology, counselling or related fields. They know what it takes to be a counsellor and provide individual feedback and support to students. Instruction and assignments accommodate a variety of learning styles.

Continuous enrollment, you can start now- Courses are scheduled on a continuous 3-week cycle. Begin your program at the start of any course.

Professional Designation- KCPC graduates seeking professional designation as a ‘Registered Professional Counselor’ (RPC), may apply to the Canadian Professional Counselors Association.

Self-Awareness and ethical decision-making, are essential characteristics of effective counsellors. Although not meant as a substitute for professional counselling, each course provides students with the opportunity to gain personal insights.


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