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ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales

ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales

ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales


"If you like the health sector, assist people to prevent and treat pathologies, research or any activity related to natural therapies, you must train in a school that offers a solid training for your professional future.


ISMET, Was founded in 1992 by José Luis Badrena and inaugurated by the Dean of the Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. ISMET was born with the purpose of training in natural therapies so that students can become the best professionals in the areas we teach: Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Hand Techniques, Osteopathy, Natural Wellness and Aesthetics, Coaching and Health , Personal Growth and Energy Therapies. Since then, to date, ISMET continues to evolve and expand its offer, in addition to incorporating day-to-day experience acquired over the years, both in graduates, masters and continuing education as in clinical practice for new students.

More than twenty years of experience for which a large number of students and more than a thousand active students have passed us. Parallel to the creation of the school, the center of therapies was also launched, with the dual purpose of contributing to the research with the implementation of the methods studied and to serve as an essential complement in the training of its students.

Currently ISMET is a collaborating center with UCC-UVic (Central University of Catalonia - University of Vic) and UCAM (San Antonio Catholic University of Murcia).


Why study with us

  • We have flexible schedules and study methodologies (face-to-face or online), to adapt to your work and family life.
  • The graduate study programs were elaborated and based on the Training Guides of the IES (Institut d'Estudis de la Salud - Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • We put at your disposal a teaching team of more than 100 professionals who combine teaching with their clinical practice
  • Each year we conduct approximately 250 seminars and monographs, either introductory or specialization
  • We facilitate professional development through clinical practices with real patients and practices in sporting events. Approximately every year about 18,000 visits are made
  • Agreements with national and international universities to obtain their own university degrees within the field of natural therapies
  • Through the job exchange every year move more than 200 job offers ... take a look at Instagram, we publish them there!
  • ISMETalumni, ISMET alumni association, offers discounts and special prices on various exclusive services for ISMET alumni ... a totally free service
  • We are the only center of the sector located in a building of more than 2.000m2 in the left of the eixample.

Finally, the ISMET Community offers you free conferences and workshops, excursions, continuing education, sector information and other extracurricular activities.


Online mode

"This modality allows training programs to be taken, without schedules and without the need for commuting"

Main features of online mode:

  • The didactic material presented through chapters and topics is complemented with evaluation material: exercises, work, exams, evaluative and self-evaluation tests, work forums. All this, to guarantee a didactic and dynamic learning that facilitates the understanding and favors the learning.
  • Personalized tutoring by teachers specialized in the subject, who promote learning and guide the student. The interactive community of the campus favors communication between teachers and students and allows the student's evolution according to their possibilities.
  • Promotes student participation . The student is in permanent contact with his classmates and his teacher. Likewise, continuous assessment (forums, debates, group exercises, emails) favors motivation for learning. All the partners and teachers participate in their training (sharing doubts, ideas and clarifications), and a feedback effect is produced by both parties.
  • It is more flexible because there are no schedules or limited time. The student chooses when he wants to study and for how long. This allows adapting the course to each specific need.
  • The faculty of the Campus remains active from the month of September until the month of July. During the month of August the student continues to have access to the Campus to review lessons or catch up on the issues that are delayed.
  • Continuous evaluation . The student is evaluated taking into account its evolutionary process throughout the course. Thus, from the beginning of the course to the end of the course, it will be evaluated through different processes: exercises, tests, exams, work, participation in forums, etc. and the sum of all these tests, will result in the final grade of course. The student's results are studied by an academic committee for later validation.
  • Follow-up learning . The ISMET online training system allows students to check their progress throughout their learning process. In this sense, the student is fully aware at all times of his current academic situation, and therefore can adapt his level of study to the needs of each moment. For the passing of the subjects are not realized (at the moment and waiting to be regulated by the administration) face-to-face exams.

Technical requirements:

  • Device with browser that can play Flash content
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768
  • Internet connection and a recommended speed of 20Mbs
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser recommended. In case of android tablet, the Dolphin web browser. In case of Ipad, the Puffin web browser
  • Flash Player 6 plugin, at a minimum. Recommended to have it well updated
  • It is advisable to have basic computer skills at the user level.

Addressed to

The ISMET virtual campus is born for all those people who, for work, personal reasons or even by geographical location, it is impossible for them to attend on a regular basis to face-to-face classes.

This training is aimed at people with no previous experience who wish to be trained in these areas for the first time, as active professionals who wish to complement their training or to recycle themselves in this knowledge, whether they are specialized therapists in these areas or other complementary ones (chiromassists, Acupuncturists, etc.) as well as health personnel who wish to complement their training in this field (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, DUES, etc.).


The fundamental objective of our online studies is to provide a complete training in the area of ​​natural therapies, so that the students can acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to practice this profession. Thus, the student will learn to perform the functions of a practitioner of natural therapies and will be trained with the necessary technical knowledge for treatments with natural methods.

Faculty and Material

With the aim of offering a solid and quality teaching, we have a portfolio of teaching staff specialized in the different areas. Thus, fulfilling its contribution of knowledge, the faculty has a wide professional experience, which inevitably enriches even more the quality of ONLINE courses. In addition, teachers have been trained to offer a dynamic and current teaching, appropriate to this type of training, and coordinated by a pedagogical planning system.

The student has a consultant for each course, which will accompany its evolution throughout the course. On the other hand, there is the figure of the Coordinator on line, whose main function is to coordinate the interaction between student-teacher, evaluate the pedagogical processes and guarantee and favor the campus culture. The didactic material necessary to carry out the courses, Is presented through the online campus. The academic program has been created by experts in the field.


The online ISMET campus learning system offers great flexibility in class schedules. So that allows you to connect to the campus whenever you want and in the schedule you want, as long as you cover the objectives marked by the teacher of the subject.

At the beginning of the course, the teacher will make a planning of the contents of the same, so that the student will know from the beginning when and what subjects will study weekly. The ratio between credits and hours of dedication is 1 credit = 10 hours of use. The total amount of credits (hours of use) refers to the time spent conducting activities and evaluations and NOT to the time of connection.


At the end of the monographic course (s) enrolled, and once passed the evaluation tests and be up to date of payment, a certificate will be issued from the area studied. This certificate details the student's data, the number of hours (credits) taken, the date and the registration number of the diploma. The certificate of the online courses is a document sealed and registered by the school. It is sent by e-mail provided by the campus, in protected PDF format, so that it can not be manipulated, according to the legislation in force in Spain on the validity of digital documents.

Career prospects

Cabinet or private consultation as practical of Naturist Criterion, practical of Homeopathic or Practical Criteria of Traditional Chinese Therapy. Collaboration in: health centers and therapies, beauty centers, spas, spas or urban spas, herbalists, gyms or sports centers. It is undoubtedly a profession with a great social demand and, therefore, with a great future .


Do you want to study from outside Spain? You can access the online training from any country in the world and at the time that suits you best, classes have a start date and an end date that you must follow to carry a suitable rhythm, you can access as many times as you wish in this span of time. Time, it is unlimited the time you can stay on campus, this way you can see the lessons you need to reinforce more times.


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