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Your pathway to leadership

In order for our students to become the professionals that every client wants to have by their side, a method is needed that overcomes the artificial gap between theory and practice, moving from the abstraction of the hypothetical case to the direct application in the real case. That is real training, facing real cases of the highest demand and in a real environment.

Our students follow this path guided by experts from the most important national and international firms. Only with these teachers and this method, can they become the best version of themselves and successfully achieve their professional goals.

Why study at ISDE?

ISDE has been visionary in constituting the only educational institution created by the main law firms worldwide. Since its foundation, it has been a pioneer, constituting the first training center to introduce a real practical methodology, integrating our students in the main law firms of the world. Get to know a new law, the intelligent law. The leaders of the firms train you from excellence and incorporate you into their ranks.

What are the law firms, companies, and ISDE partners looking for?

The representatives of the law firms that founded ISDE and more than 200 partners nowadays, had a clear objective: to count on an institution that could select the best talent from the universities in order to complement it with professional excellence-based training. Therefore, we achieve that the step from a classroom to the ranks of a law firm and company is natural and fulfills their high demand standards.


ISDE is an academic institution born out of the heart of the legal profession. Representatives of the main national and international firms were involved in its foundation, with the objective of creating an academic institution dedicated to offer training of the highest level.

ISDE selects talented students from leading national and international universities, offers excellence-based training, and therefore, introduces them to professional structures with sufficient guarantees.

ISDE is a center affiliated with the Complutense University of Madrid. Its students are trained in some of the most prestigious international universities, such as Georgetown University, NYU, Miami University, and Jindal Global University, leaders in international rankings.

This double contribution of the best academic and professional partners configures a global training model that breaks the artificial gap between theory and practice and translates into a comprehensive professionalization method.

Research centers

The Research Centers are a type of collaboration with ISDE in order to implement activities related to training and research in the field of law and economics.

The Research Centers were created with the mission of promoting alliances with external partners and institutions from different fields in order to favor the development of Corporate Social Responsibility. The aim is to strengthen the relations with the business and professional sectors, through different initiatives of research and training developed within the framework of ISDE´s Research Centers.

ISDE´s Research Centers:

  • ISDE Research Center on BlockChain & Law
  • ISDE Research Center on Compliance
  • ISDE Research Center on Sports Law
  • ISDE Research Center in partnership with the Brains School Master

Professional partners

ISDE was born out of professional circles when representatives of the most prestigious law firms decided to found an institution that selects talented students to give them excellence-based training and therefore the potential to successfully integrate them into their teams.

Leading law firms, such as those of the London Magic and Silver Circle, American firms, continental Europe or the Asian market, professional services firms such as the Big Four, multinationals, institutions, sports-related partners contribute with their best professional´s know-how to design, direct and teach our different programs.

Academic partners

We are proud to have national and international academic partnerships with the aim of offering current and global experiences in the training of our students.

More than 250 law firms and companies in more than 50 countries have joined the project.

ISDE maintains a close relationship with the business and academic sectors. Currently, it collaborates with more than 250 associated law firms and companies from multiple countries. Additionally, ISDE has partnerships with prestigious universities such as New York University, Georgetown, the University of Miami, and Jindal Global University, among others.

The objective of this collaboration is twofold: to guarantee that students receive permanently updated training and opportunities to develop their professional careers, and also to encourage collaborating law firms and companies to be more competitive and socially responsible thanks to the labor insertion of young talents trained in an environment of international excellence.


ISDE´s faculty is composed of professionals with extensive experience in research and teaching. Most of them are doctors and practicing lawyers in leading law firms and companies, which proves their merit in research coupled with a practical viewpoint of the profession.


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