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IONIS Education Group

IONIS Education Group


The IONIS Group is committed to shaping the New Business Intelligence, based on a strong international outlook, a high awareness of innovation, a sense of initiative, and a true "culture of adaptation and change". These values are passed on to future graduates from our schools, who will become key players in tomorrow's economy.

The IONIS Education Group is the first group of private higher education in France. The 25 schools and entities bring together nearly 28,500 students in France and abroad and more than 80,000 alumni in business, marketing, communication, management, finance, information technology, digital, aerospace, energy, transport, and biotechnology and innovation. The self-defined mission of the IONIS Group is to bring forth new business intelligence today and tomorrow. Strong international scope, attachment to innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and veritable "culture of adaptability and change", are the main values taught to the future alumni of the IONIS Group - key actors in tomorrow's economy.


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    Rue des Quatre-Fils,2, 75003, Île-de-France