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About INSA Toulouse

With 14,000 alumni present in all economic sectors, the "Institut National des Sciences Appliquées" of Toulouse, an international, multidisciplinary, state engineering school, is recognized for the excellence of its five-year education which attracts students of a high academic level and who have obtained excellent results at the Baccalaureat.

10 INSA key points

Degree courses, widely known and recognized:

  • A well-established network of graduates working all over the world. Every year more than 10% of the engineering graduates in France graduate from the INSA Group.

International, a prime focus:

  • International programs, multicultural campuses, double degrees, More than 3,600 international students and over 1,100 international agreements, etc.

Research, cutting edge:

  • Over 50 research units. Scientific and technological developments for application in business and industry.

Values, unifying:

  • Based on equality, diversity, inclusiveness, and excellence, developing socially-aware engineers.

Teaching, differently:

  • Versatility, entrepreneurship… High-level engineers with open minds, excellent culture and a taste for the sport.

Degree opportunities, innovative:

  • Individually tailored, personalized guidance and theme-based courses… Innovative and “à la carte” projects.

High-achieving students:

  • Admission open to all degree levels, based on academic record, grades and motivation.

Business, partners:

  • Internships, guest lecturers, research contracts, job-dating, expertise, etc.

Job prospects, exceptional:

  • 1.5 months to find the first job.

Campuses, lively:

  • Sport, culture, arts, clubs, etc.

An education supported by top-level research

INSA-Toulouse provides a range of 8 engineering specializations, including computer sciences, civil engineering, mathematical engineering and biochemical engineering. Its courses, linked to the latest scientific advances, are supported by the activity of leading-edge research laboratories, backed by large industrial groups, for example in the fields of new materials for aeronautics, environmental protection techniques, and nano-objects.

Innovative pedagogy for long-lasting learning

Throughout the course, the students are confronted with concrete, complex projects and problems on which they work in groups, with the help of teachers when requested. No questions, no lectures, etc. is the principle behind this active learning approach, experimented by renowned universities in America and Northern Europe, and now advocated by UNESCO.

Engineers open to the world

The international dimension has been a priority for INSA since it opened and international sections have gradually been set up. On campus, one in five students is an international student.

INSA welcomes students with a wide range of profiles: students with a technological "Baccalaureat", students opting for a cooperative education alternating periods of academic study and industrial experience and continuing education students.

Being open to the world also involves the student’s commitment to the community which is highly valued and gives ECTS credits as part of the course.

Some figures

  • Creation: 1963
  • 450 MSc engineering graduates each year and around 2,900 students enrolled
  • 70% of students in accommodation on campus
  • Over 450 permanent staff
  • An alumni network of more than 15,000 engineers (83,000 with the INSA Group).


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    135 Avenue de Rangueil, 31077, Toulouse