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INPAHU University Foundation (Fundación   Universitaria INPAHU (UNINPAHU))

INPAHU University Foundation (Fundación Universitaria INPAHU (UNINPAHU))

INPAHU University Foundation (Fundación   Universitaria INPAHU (UNINPAHU))


The University Foundation for Human Development - UNINPAHU was created in 1974 by the distinguished psychologist Hernán Linares Ángel with the purpose of training enterprising professionals, skilled and aware of the commitment to the development of their personal life project and to the productive and commercial development of the country.

Thus, during these 46 years of experience, UNINPAHU has guided the pedagogical processes based on a humanistic conception of education, which highlights and exalts the fundamental values ​​of social relationships, ensuring the integral formation of excellent human beings.

UNINPAHU has stood out for the dynamic force of its academic transformation that has allowed it to evolve from an educational center for human development oriented towards training in trades and occupations, to a university institution, complying with the criteria and quality requirements demanded by Colombian laws. to develop degree programs in different forms of professional training and in different fields and disciplines of knowledge. Likewise, the growing investment in equipment, technological transformation, and adequate maintenance of the architectural style has been notorious.

Innovation, research, technology, and productivity are the basis on which the training actions that consolidate our identity are built. Within the framework of our Educational Project, the High-Performance Method - MAR, constitutes a differentiating feature an imprint of the Institution, as it seeks the continuous development of skills in all members of the educational community, strengthening learning throughout life and, with it, expand the possibilities of personal and professional growth.

We have a broad and diversified portfolio of 18 higher education programs with degrees at the levels of specialization, university, technological and technical, which are reported by our graduates, who occupy prominent positions in the hotel and tourism business sectors, in the media social and journalism, an area where they are widely recognized and where, likewise, they have obtained numerous prizes and awards at the national and international level.


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